Friday, October 10, 2014

New Life Projects- Size Matters

  I may be living one of your (and mine) worst nightmares, but there is a lot about life that can be fun, exciting, and new. I have been trying to continue taking on new adventures and projects to enrich my life, because I don't want to die before I'm dead. That's my mantra. *DON'T DIE BEFORE YOU'RE DEAD*

One of my most recent adventures is facing a fear and actually EMBRACING my biggest insecurity and SHOWING my curves instead of cropping my body out of every picture. Headshot selfies for days, not so much on body shots!


No, I don't love that fact. No, I don't want to stay here. I want to get back to a healthier size. I wish I was still in my Hooters glory days, but I'm just not... FOR TODAY. I lost focus on the time and motivation required of me to run a 5k three and four days per week, while meticulously weighing and counting my carrot sticks (and ranch). My comfortable marriage, full time career, and two active children took all my attention away from myself and my fitness. When my mom passed in 2012, I lost my workout partner and my will to work up a sweat. I definitely own that fact and am NOT making excuses, so if you are about to give me a speech on how important health is and making excuses, save all that for someone else. I already know. (read: You ain't me. STFU)

   Glory days circa 2005

Where I am today is not my ideal place, but it's still me TODAY. I can still be beautiful in the size I am NOW. So, I reached out to my most favorite online boutique. I have been following Kiki La'Rue for quite some time now because they have cute clothes for ALL sizes, not just teeny tiny girls (but they have those too!). My closet grew every time I would shop their website. I was always so happy to find clothes that fit me and looked good. I do not want to wear a potato sack just because I cannot fit in a size 8 right now. I clicked with Becka, the KLR boss-lady, and we decided to work together. 

Lately, I have been lucky enough to try my hand at modeling some of their clothes! Because it's fun. Because I like the girls I work with. And because YOLO! I must say, it's a little nerve-wracking, yet refreshing, when they mention to the general public what size pants I am wearing! Yeah, I have big hips and a big butt. Get over it. 
I am happy to be part of the KLR family! Check us out!

Some of my recent pics from

I am going to continue to strive to be closer to where I want to be, but there's nothing wrong with loving who you are while working to who you want to be. Before ya know it, I'll be modeling the size 10 pants! 
What are you doing to improve your life? What fears and/or challenges are you taking on?  
*Whatever you do, don't stand still.*

                 Love & Empty Calories,