Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A quick note: Do Not Pity Me

  Do not pity me. I don't have it so bad. I have lived through some horrible experiences that will leave me with a life-long wound, but it's really only a small part of who I am.  I have so much more to do and see, and hopefully people to inspire, kids to raise, and people to love. Someone once told me that if you put all of your problems in a big pile with everyone-else-in-the-world's problems, you would gladly take your own back. That is so true. There is a lot worse than my life. Just because we miss daddy, doesn't mean we can't have a full and happy life again. I have so much to be grateful for. I have a cozy roof over my head, a career helping others and my community, the most beautiful and funny kids I could ever ask for or deserve, great friends, funny coworkers, people who love me, a good support system for my kids. I have access to health care when I am sick and medicine when I need it. And I live in the UNITED FUCKING STATES where I can do (mostly) as I please and be (somewhat) safe from the war and violence that other mothers have to live among in their own streets. In front of their own homes. There are people starving at the hands of their own government. There are children being neglected or abused. They are SCARED. Do you know what it's like to be scared? I mean really and truly scared. Have you ever been deeply and sincerely scared? What was it for? There are veterans begging for dollars on a street corner. There are addicts who cannot put down their needles. There are mothers losing their babies to the streets. There is a grown man who cannot read, not because he is stupid, but because NOBODY CARED ENOUGH TO TEACH HIM. There is another widow out there somewhere who didn't make it. There is a mom who cannot get out of bed. There is a child missing BOTH of her parents. There is rampant mental illness that we just have not figured out how to help. There are kids being bullied to the point of suicide for their sexuality, their skin color, their weight, their socio-economic disadvantage.  There is so much out there for me to reflect on that make even my huge losses seem small. Perspective. It's what I've been talking about this past year. Get some.

I am damn lucky. Don't ever pity me.


{The BEST smiles}

{Lila peeping horses at the Stock Show}

{plaid love}

{Future blogger?}

{Safely sleeping in her much overdue big girl bed}

{Plus, I still get to model & call dibs on these awesome clothes!}

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